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1393 Optical 01 black on camo

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EAN 5056322124639

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Inspired by glasses from the Cutler and Gross archive which were originally found at the Laurence Corner Army Surplus Store on London’s Drummond Street in the 1970s. A staple of the British Fashion scene, the store was favoured as the source of inspiration for top designers, musicians and artists for over 50 years. From Sergeant Pepper’s jackets, to clothing masses of students, military clothing was worn by urban dwellers in London for practical and stylistic reasons and Laurence Corner had the biggest selection for sartorial collectors.Adopted as an urban fashion icon in the 60s and early 70s, the ‘GI’ frame was utilitarian and well built, and often sun lenses were often added for customisation. The 1393 is the perfect square, with lowered hinges, enabling a helmet to be worn and a pronounced nose bump increases ventilation and reduces fogging. Interior milling allows the frame to be worn all day due to the added comfort and balance afforded by the extra internal workmanship.

Handmade in Italy

New ‘Fender’ Temple

Oyster pins

8mm acetate finish

Reverse milling

Fret board temple core

  • Materiale montatura acetato
  • Forma montaturaSquare
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Stile montaturaclassico moderno
50 mm
23 mm
150 mm
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