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The 1970s saw a breaking of the class system in the UK, with the nouveau-riche taking their place amongst the great and the good in London. Self-made entrepreneurs and entertainers wore clothing and eyewear which reflected their extravagant lifestyles and newfound status in British culture. Inspired by the original 0927 and 0995 from the Cutler and Gross archive, the 1394 is an alternative to the subtle acetate aviator. The King of Navigators, with a double bridge, square shape and bold proportions, the 1394 stands out and dares to be different. A faithful recreation of a place in time, re-engineered with new hardware and manufacturing processes, the 1394 can be worn in numerous different ways allowing the true character of the wearer to shine through.
  • Materiale montatura acetato
  • Forma montaturaAviator
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Stile montaturaclassico moderno
  • Materiale lentiCR-39
57 mm
19 mm
150 mm
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